Having had a terrible experience with Ward & Partners when we bought this house, we were determined to use a better class of estate agent for selling the house.

Reputation, a simple pricing structure, the enthusiasm for the house, and their belief they could achieve a sale for a price that did the work on the house justice when we invited them round, all ensured there was no point in inviting any other agent round for a quote. The cheap sales patter I got from 2 other local agents over the phone was enough to know we made the right decision.

It's all too easy for a house to get lost in a large-agency (like Ward, or Countrywide) marketing led, get the fee and worry about the detail later methodology - as the house opposite us in our street is showing, having been listed 2 weeks before our house with 2 other agents, and is still on the market now, unsold, the week we complete.

I'm sure our buyers will place their own review - but I know they too have felt very safe in Nicole & Esther's hands, it being their first house they are buying.

However generally stressful house moving is, Bradley Bishop is the only professional party in our move we've not had to chase, not had to argue with, not had to do a deal with. Which for an industry with the public reputation akin to traffic wardens and tax inspectors shows there is hope that local, genuinely skilled & committed independent agents like Bradley Bishop should be the preferred choice.

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