The Tenant Find fee is £450 + VAT (total £540), payable from the first months’ rent - there are no “upfront costs”.


Application Fee - £125 + VAT = £150 per applicant

The application fee is non refundable, payable by each adult applicant (age 18 or over) to cover the cost of referencing and “Right to Rent” check.

Check In/Tenancy Agreement Fee - £120 + VAT = £144

The check in and tenancy agreement fee covers the tenants element of the cost of the tenancy agreement and other administration in moving into the property. This is a single fee irrespective of the number of applicants.

Renewal Fee - £120 + VAT = £144

The renewal fee is the charge for extending the tenancy for a further period. Typically this is an annual cost

Check Out Fee - £120 + VAT = £144

Where the tenancy is not being extended the check out fee is payable.

Guarantor Fee - £125 + VAT = £150 per guarantor

Where a guarantor is required a fee is payable to cover the cost of referencing and administration.

Deposit Required - 4-6 weeks rent

The amount required will be as advertised, typically 4-6 weeks. The deposit will be fully protected through the Deposit Protection Scheme.

Pets - 2-4 weeks additional rent

Where a landlord permits pets a further 2-4 weeks rent deposit will be required.

Unpaid Rent Fee - £30 + VAT = £36

If the rent is unpaid on the due date there is a fee for each contact that is necessary to effect payment.