By; 'Jack'

I chose to work with Bradley Bishop on my house sale due to good reviews and the speed at which they visited my home to get the process started (within 2 days). Senior valuer Mark visited and was very professional. Gave me a good deal to sign on the day and took good pics. He even visited on a sunnier day to make the best of the exterior pics. A viewing day was arranged and one couple made an offer. After some back and forth we agreed a deal.

The only issue I had was a little way through my sale I found a property. I called Mark and explained. His attitude was very negative. He kept reminding me I'd offered my property as vacant possession and that I'd better not hold up the sale. I didn't like this as I was paying the bill for them ultimately so I was the client.

Nicole the owner heard about my issues and spoke to me. She did apologise profusely and did speak to Mark re: his approach. She seems very committed to her company and customer service. This made me feel a lot better.

And finally the Jewell in the Bradley Bishop crown. Emma. Her role is sales progressor. She keeps everyone informed and chases all the different parties to keep the sale moving. Emma was excellent. My sale became very messy due to bad solicitors on the other side and a silly non issue. Emma was a rock. She went above and beyond the call of duty more than once, she worked for me on her days off and best of all she really cared. You could tell she empathised with my stress and worry on this fraught sale. Emma is a star. I can't say enough good things about her. She does all the things you want from a person in that role. She chases, she gets back to you when she says she will, she's resourceful and she puts you at ease with a friendly manner and sense of humour. Emma was worth the fee alone and I honestly think without her the sale may have fallen through.

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